Monday, May 25, 2009

Tulsa Star Trek '83

Guess what! it was in 1983.

I had a dealer's table, and took my VCR and a little TV to play my blooper tapes to draw some attention.

Friday night I slept in my car in the parking garage of the hotel. My big beast, a 1968 Ford Galaxy, had room on its vinyl back seat for me to curl up on.

During the day Saturday, I met a nice guy and his aunt, and I was able to crash on their couch that night. In return, I was kept semi-awake by duping VHS copies of Raiders of the Lost Ark and E.T.

Yes, these were bootleg of unreleased-to-video films. As the Japanese-Jewish lawyer said, "SoSuMe."

Among the guests at Tulsa Star Trek '83 were Jimmy Doohan and George Takei. I was able to crash Doohan's table and get someone to take my picture with him. The photo is a good illustration of how a guy looks when he is holding a pen in his right hand but he has no middle finger. As you should know, Doohan's middle finger was shot off on D-Day.

George Takei, the fitness guy, had invited/challenged any and all comers to jog with him. So on Saturday morning, about twenty people headed out onto the streets. When I stopped at a Git-N-Go about 500 feet into the jog to wait for them to pass on the return trip back to the hotel, I was joined by a couple of other smart fellas.

After I loaded up my leftover merchandise Sunday afternoon, I headed back toward OKC. I got about twenty feet when the car cronked out. Thank heavens my big brother and his wife live in Tulsa, and gave me a place to sleep, and a lift to a garage, where I had to spend all but a pittance of the $400 I had made, to replace the harmonic balancer on my car.

So overall I'd say that this convention was a washout, except for these photos, which prove that I was once lanky.

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Hoff said...

I too was at this convention and they just don't make conventions like the used too. in my opinion.

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