Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Welcome back, Campers!

I had to spend last night finishing up the SoonerCon 2009 Program Book, but we're back to share some rip-offs of Star Trek images.

Galaxy 666, by Pel Toro, is so forgettable I've forgotten about it. But I did read it, in another lifetime. This treasure was so wonderful that the art director at the publisher decided he had to cheat to sell the book.

It looks to me like he basically took a piece from an Erector set kit and glued it across the warp nacelles of an AMT Enterprise model kit, along with some orange bubbles on the ends of the nacelles and atop the saucer.

Now, the second tome, The Love Bomb, actually was written with Star Trek in mind. As with Galaxy 666, time has mercifully blotted most of the story from my mind.

But I do recall that the alien in question (the grinning Spock lookalike in the cover art) has come to Earth in search of a little , umm, lady companionship, whilst spreading the sex-is-good philosophy with the same urgency as the real Spock used to preach logic.

The rear cover shows the art a little larger.

Next up, some of my *actual* publications.

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Frederick said...

Oh, you guy! I could give you a FSNP for this... I have that same book and was going to post the cover as soon as I found it in my bookcase again.

It is funny stuff though. I bought that the same day as I did the novelization to "Our Man Flint" at a used bookstore.

And I don't suppose you ever got my email about DJK.

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