Friday, May 29, 2009

Nerdy Enough Fer Ya?

This, my second Best of Trek article, is the epitome of the old English class assignment, "Compare and Contrast."

That is, you take two things and assess similarities and differences.

My pride in American Lit class was to compare Rev Dimsdale in The Scarlet Letter with John Lennon's song "Crippled Inside," from Imagine.

Anyway, this is about the various video and TV versions of STTMP and STII.

Back in the Day, that is in 1983 or so, there weren't any of these fancy DVD thingies (or even freeze-frames you could see very well).

So these articles were researched by having two VCRs hooked up to the same TV and playing two videotapes of the same thing and switching a "video switcher" back and forth a few million times.

And these were the old 50-pound VCRs with "piano key" buttons.

If you actually take the time to READ this whole article, congratulations to you.

If you think it was worth reading, then let me know, and congratulations to ME!

I wanted an alliterative title, and "Variations and Vexations" was the best I could come up with at the time. Got a better one? "Visions and Versions"? "Differences and Distractions"?

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