Friday, November 30, 2007

2001 Is Over!

As a wrap-up to a couple of weeks’ worth of 2001 items, here’s the front and rear covers for a self-assembled compilation CD of various versions of “Also Sprach Zarathustra.”

Most are either imitations or variations of Deodato’s pop-hit arrangement, or attempts to be all classical-sounding.

A couple are included because of sound effects or synth overlays.

When I purchased Rhino’s great 2001 soundtrack CD a few years ago, I was amazed to realize that the version of “Daybreak” (the familiar name of the theme) in the film was DIFFERENT from the recording and orchestra featured on the original “soundtrack” album and repeated on the “Inspired By” LP. So, I opened my compilation with the “real” version from the film, and closed it with the version from the soundtrack album, the one that I’ve hardwired into my consciousness Lo! These past 29 years or so.

SPECIAL DELIVERY! For the first three people to email me, I’ll mail you a copy of this CD FREE. Just send me your mailing address in your email.

(You know, it took me MONTHS to give away the free copies of the SUPERMUSIC CD. Here’s hoping you guys have sped up since then.)

See you next week with a brand-new show!

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