Monday, December 03, 2007

The Adventure of Space

Those "of a certain age" remember 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the Space Race, and the yearning to be "out there."

So we watched Star Trek and Commando Cody and Lost in Space and Twilight Zone. Sure, we played cowboys & Indians, but we also played spaceman.

Now, I was never lucky enough to buy one of those $1 Lunar Capsules hawked in the comic books, but I too tossed Frisbees and marveled at Super-Balls. I remember the taste of Space Food Sticks and marveled over the instanteity of Tang.

And when I got a little older, I thought it only right that the USA name its first space shuttle after Captain Kirk's ship.

Around 1981 or so, when the Enterprise landed at Tinker AFB (piggy-backed on a plane), my sweet wife Joyce and I drove and waited, drove and waited, over the space of three hours or so to see the shuttle IN PERSON.

I also got an iron-on about it, which as you can see has sadly lost some of its lettering.
Don't YOU also desire to know the night sky's sparkling secrets, and taste stars freeze and burn?

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