Monday, September 17, 2007

More (Sincere) Imitations

"Ida Freeman" is the name of an elementary school in Edmond, OK. I bet that's where this plastic mug came from.

Of course, in my opinion, that kid looks A LOT like Alfred E. Neumann.

Now you can compare the previous few days' pants-up-holders with a very intentional but-not-quite-infringing design, copyright-wise, shown below.
Note how the buckle even says, "FASTER THAN A SPEEDING BULLET."
Just to the right of the buckle is a striped image that is a freight train being outrun by Mr. Anonymous. You can see a bit of him between the belt cinch and the buckle assembly.
Next (to the right) we see Mr. You-Know-Who breaking a rod in half at waist-height.
Next you will see a Metropolitan skyline (wink, wink).
The last image you see to the right is a telephone booth. Hmm, I wonder. Who might need to use a phone booth?
As you can see, the firm that produced this belt was willing to go to almost any length to produce a kids' Superman belt -- except get the licensing rights!
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