Sunday, September 16, 2007

Remember STAR TREK V?

Bill Shatner, as Jim Kirk, had at least one great line in STAR TREK V.

Even if you think the film was silly, you'd have to agree with him when he asked, "What does God need with a starship?"

Similarly, you might ask, "What does Superman need with a parachute?"
Why, to enter Kandor, of course!
This non-authorized Superman parachute guy from the 1970s is actually kind of a foreshadowing of all those "variant" action figures for sale nowadays. For example, you don't just have a STAR TREK "Captain Kirk" action figure, you have a "Captain Kirk as a Romulan" action figure, or "Captain Kirk sitting on a Tribble" action figure, or whatever.
Similarly, you can buy a "Kingdom Come" Superman, or a "Superman forgot to shave with his heat vision" Superman, or what-have-you.
In the Swanderful Superman tale containing these comics panels, Superman takes Jimmy Olsen into Kandor to find out why super-powered Kryptonians are ripping off high-tech equipment on Earth. Since these super-powered Kryptonians are obviously Kandorians, Supes and his pal go right to the source, via Brainiac's shrinking ray.
Of course, this "great three-part novel" is from Superman 158, cover-dated January 1963.
It's also the comic that I'm holding up in my Blogger Profile photo. Of course, I was a lot younger then.
How about you?

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