Tuesday, November 14, 2006

An Interesting Book

This is a fun book. Read it with a grain of salt, and you too can "leap career obstacles in a single bound."

Well, maybe not, but Alan Axelrod does a pretty good job of doing what you might guess -- adapting aspects of the Superman mythos as traits to emulate at work.

Some of them are really important, like knowing right and wrong, and sticking to what's right. Others may be less so -- emulating Clark Kent's fashion sense as a newsman at WGBS in the 1970s or as Dean Cain in the 1990s.

But still, a fun book still to be found on closeout tables at a bookstore near you.
Plus, as an added bonus, you get a great example of the "Curt Swan fingers" on Perry White's right hand, as seen here!

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