Friday, November 17, 2006

3D Superman!

This oversized comic was published in 1953. My copy is missing the Super Glasses, so I have to use the Batman 3D Glasses I have from my Batman 3D comic.

You can decide for yourself (if you have some red-green 3D glasses kicking around) how effective the images are. For me, the ocean wave looming over Metropolis at the bottom of this page is pretty scary!
I understand that Curt Swan, premiere Superman artist, felt that this comic was whre he really began to hit his stride in drawing Big Blue.
Stories contained are
"The Man Who Stole the Sun!" -- art by Swan, the source of the page shown here;
"The Origin of Superman!" -- art by Wayne Boring;
"The Man Who Bossed Superman!" -- again with art by Curt Swan.
Also of note is that the inside covers of the book aren't covered with any ads or other material, they're just *gasp* empty and white.

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