Sunday, August 20, 2006

A song called "Without" from earlier this year

I really don't know how to justify the serious tone of the words with the rolling, almost Jamaican sound of the music I wrote to go with the words. But that won't bother you, since you can't hear the music! La la, good night.

April 30, 2005
music 7:30 AM
words 8:30-8:45 AM

I lay in prison but you sought for me
You burst my manacles with your life's breath
And sent me sunward into liberty
Although what I deserved was worse than death

Just like a plowhorse with his blinders on
I plodded deeper in a barren row
You raised my eyes past my poor horizon
Led me to freedom I would never know

without you

Without your touch to give me form
I am a vapor dissipating in the storm
Without your sacrifice to give me worth
I'm left a lonely shade to roam the earth

My heart was failing in intensive care
My hollow breaths were fading, one by one
Until you stripped the tubes that held me there
And brought me blinking to the healing Son

I am lost without you

Without your word to life my heart
My burdens would pull my mind apart
Without the free touch of your love's breeze
My burning trouble would drive me to my knees

Without your firm hand to guide my feet
I'd stumble and perish in sin's heat
Without you to answer my heart's cries
My worries would ring in empty skies

Without you
I'd be without me

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