Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Buddy's All Better Now

We had a bad scare the first of the week with Buddy, the dog Julie bought for Jazra. He was born on April 3rd, which makes him 4 ½ months old, and he had had no shots.
He was fine Friday & Saturday…but on Sunday night he looked like a scarecrow of himself. So I took the poor guy to Awesome Pet Care, about two stops east of Americrest/Coppermark bank. Come to find out he had Parvo, a virus which is often deadly. Out of the 3 alternatives the vet lady gave us, I chose the 2nd (not the $600 or the $150 choice, but the $400 choice). This means they kept him overnight and put him on IVs and meds.
When I left Buddy there, he was basically a ragdoll. He was weighed at 27.6 pounds. No tail wags, nothing. When I picked him up the next evening, he came walking, and wagging his tail. The doc gave us some meds (antibiotic pills and paregoric drops) and some “bland” dog food. When we got him home he was happy to be home but pretty rickety. He wasn’t interested in eating anything.
When Matthew & I pulled into the driveway in BlueBelle with Buddy, Jazra came flying out the front door. It did my old heart good to see how happy she was, and how Buddy perked up a bit when he saw/sniffed her.
We put him in the bathroom upstairs overnight. We covered the vinyl floor with newspapers and left a blanket and toys in there with him.
In the morning we found that Buddy had had "problems." Poor pup! So we put him outside for a little bit as I, even I, old Mark, cleaned it all up.
By later on that day, Buddy was so much his old self that we decided to let him sleep outside from now on! By the next day Buddy had got his appetite back some, and Thursday he was eating some of the dry dog food, along with his “gourmet” canned stuff.
Now, a week later, the ol' Bud is back to roly-poly rambunctiousness! And definitely grown since the picture above was taken a couple of months ago!


Joe said...

lol, sweet blog!

Joe said...

sweet blog!

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