Monday, April 19, 2021

Proofread Player Two!

I enjoyed both books, Ready Player One and Ready Player Two, and even the film adaptation of the first book.  But here're a few things I noticed in Player Two:
Of course, the correct way of stating the above would be to say that "each band comprised xxxx" or that "each band was composed of xxx."  You should never say "comprised of."

Both IMDB and Wikipedia agree that the James Spader character in Pretty in Pink is named Steff.  I can easily imagine an overworked proofreader coming across the mention on page 215 and automatically changing "Steff" to the common shortened name "Steph" -- except it was wrong.  When I got to page 215, my memory was tickled, and it took me about 15 minutes to find where "Steff" appeared on page 200.

I invite you to join my quest for the mistake-free clump of words, ANYWHERE.  (I freely concur that plenty of howlers exist on this hyar blog, that's fer true!)

See you on Thursday!

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