Thursday, April 15, 2021

April Tricks from a Dead Trickster

G Gordon Liddy died at the end of last month.  He made a latter presence in talk radio.  He was a thug, a crook, and a very depressing example of the "any means is justified by the end" philosophy.  He instigated the Watergate break-ins, which in my opinion brought down the Nixon presidency and shoveled excrement across whatever good things Nixon may have achieved.

But Liddy also inhabited a big part of the public consciousness in the Seventies, including the October  1973 National Lampoon.

There are probably a lot of youngsters out there who don't know that CREEP was an acronym for the "Committee to Re-Elect the President."  Really! 
Of course, we all know that, when Dave Gibbons designed the Comedian for Watchmen (seen above in a concept sketch), he swiped the concept from the NatLamp story.
(They say that some Marvel character named Fury was also involved, but I don't see it.)

Hope to see YOU on Monday, campers!

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