Monday, October 12, 2020

Scary Books, Kiddies! - Haining

Scary Books, Kiddies!
            The Midnight People.  Edited by Peter Haining, 1968, Pocket.  No cover credit, but the image is from a triptych created around 1590 by Hieronymus Bosch, Death and the Miser.

            The triptych, reconstructed:

            This anthology is focused solely on the vampire.  It opens and closes with excerpts from Montague Summers’s The Vampire in Europe.

            The first selection is the only nonfiction piece, about Fritz Haarmann, “the Hanover Vampire”—proof indeed that real human behavior can be nastier than anything made up.  The other stories are by the usual suspects:  Bloch, Bradbury, Polidori, Matheson.

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