Tuesday, October 13, 2020

From Mount Olympus (via Hollywood) to You!

The newest opus from Jacobs/Brown is out!  And I helped!

Swords, Starships and Superheroes – From Star Trek to Xena to Hercules: A TV Writer’s Life Scripting the Stories of Heroes by Paul Robert Coyle is a great read if you want to learn about the production and writing of genre TV like those shows, and others, from Superboy and Simon & Simon to DS9, TNG, and Voyager.

Paul tells his own origin story and shares his excitement and (you guessed it) toils working from Hollywood to New Zealand.  Fans of Xena and Hercules will really like Paul’s discussions of story conferences and plans, complete with alternate endings and script excerpts.

And I got to read it first! (and mess about with some words and spellings).  Yep, it’s another spiffy notch on my editorial belt.  But the best part is I got to read it first (and talk electronically with Paul, too).

You can buy it from Jacobs/Brown, with Paul’s autograph too!

To put it another way:

Screenwriter Paul Robert Coyle has crafted tales for Earth (Jake and the Fatman, The Streets of San Francisco), superheroes (Superboy), Starfleet (STAR TREK series Voyager, The Animated Series, and Deep Space Nine) and heroes of legend (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess.


From Star Trek to Xena to Hercules: A TV Writer’s Life ​Scripting the Stories of Heroes, Coyle shares tales from the 1970s to the present.  His reminiscences unveil the fascinating (and raucous) background of TV production, from Hollywood to New Zealand.

So go get it!


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