Thursday, September 24, 2020

In 1992, Horror of Horrors!

Yep, Ol' Supes was slated to croak.  And it was serious business, baby!

Thanks, DC -- "No comment"!

Well, we all know how this horror of horrors turned out.  Who would've believed that for all those 50+ plus years, the Anti-Humanite had REALLY traded his/her brain with Superman's!  And that Green Lantern's Power Ring's vulnerability to yellow things could somehow interact with Gold Kryptonite and switch Superman's brain out of the A-H's un-super human body, and into a cloned replica from the 1960s.  That backup clone of himself that Superman made back in 1961, before entering the Phantom Zone for the first time, really came in handy!

And I, for one, didn't expect that the mind transfer would somehow erase all of the crap from John Byrne's reboot!  It's a good thing that Alan Moore was willing to rescue the Action Ace!  And the combo of Curt Swan and Wayne Boring alternating issues was a jolt, but a great salute to history!

What do you think about the way they brought Superman back?

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