Monday, September 19, 2016

It's Not All Nuts-and-Bolts

In the 1960s, one of the big debates among UFO enthusiasts was between those people who felt that all UFO phenomena had origins in actual spaceships from elsewhere.  This was called "the nuts-and-bolts" theory.

The other view, I feel, addressed the apparent facts by simply throwing up its hands and saying, "Things are a lot weirder than that."  This view pointed out that some odd behaviors weren't possible if undertaken by solid, material craft or entities -- fading away from view like a ghost; apparently instantaneous teleportation; and the likes.

This  more off-the-wall viewpoint is actually more logical, when the entire spectrum of UFO "stuff" is looked at.  Me, I call this "the ultra-terrestrial" theory.  In other words, the odder events indicate that SOME THINGS have abilities akin to what we would call extra-normal, or supernatural.

 All of these books are willing to look at the weird, oddball incidents and say, "We don't know."  This is a very appropriate viewpoint!

Check these books out for an unencumbered look at the "high strangeness" of UFOs and their critters.

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