Saturday, October 17, 2015

In an Empty Library Vault

 This is an obvious Lovecraftian pastiche.  A college kid -- an unwise delver into things that should be left undisturbed -- transgresses farther than is safe for his sanity, or the world.

 The poor sap learns that READING about these eldritch gods is equivalent to summoning them.

But as long as he's got batteries for his cassette-tape player, the forces of evil can;t come too close -- kind of like fending off the wolves out there with your campfire's light.

Well, although my fifteen-year-old self was sincere in his HPL appropriations, it's too bad he had to show his derivative hand with that last phrase -- an actual title of a tale by Eich-Pei-Ell.

See you Monday with more from Professor Eisengel!


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