Sunday, October 26, 2014

Completing the USPS Universal Mosnters Postcard Set

This week's images could have a subtitle:  A tribute to Jack Pierce.  We fascinated kids learned from  Famous Monsters of Filmland about the many pounds of Fuller's Earth caked onto Karloff for the first few minutes of The Mummy.

It's too bad that they simply repeated the text from the Frankenstein postcard for this second of Karloff''s appearances in the set.  The caption could read, "Boris Karloff was again teamed with makeup artist Jack Pierce for 1932's The Mummy.  The story was an intentional echo of Dracula concerning an immortal, evil character desiring to possess a human woman, and the attempts of her fiance and others to save her."

And we cringed as we learned how long it took to film the Wolf Man's transformation scenes ... a few frames, more makeup, a few more frames.

Boy, did we wish we could be like them!


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