Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Scary Note from a King-Sized Sweetheart

While riffling through some old magazines out of the attic, I had come to my stack of Scary Monsters. Now online.  When I came to the December 1994 issue, I smiled and hurriedly showed darling Joyce what I’d found -- a fan letter to the mag from my dear and departed friend, Mark Barragar!

You can find my original memorial farewell salute here, with scans of some photos and from his memorial service.

You can find a re-post, with a current link to his “King-Size King” Elvis CD, here.

I don’t think that I paid attention to this letter at the time.  But here it is!

BTW if you don’t know about the Count, his Facebook page is here.  The theme from his TV show, “Nightmare,” is the last cut on this year’s Hallowe’en music compilation, posted on the second of this month.

Farewell, big guy!

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