Thursday, February 06, 2014

Diamond in the Pocket

 ON TV commercials, the theme song for GI Joe was sung by a manly chorus, to the tune of "The Caissons Go Rolling Along."

Now, I myself never had a GI Joe.  But, a GI Joe footlocker wade a great case for all of my model-making supplies ... model glue, model paint and thinner, paint brushes, an Exacto knife, old model instructions, and the like.

Back in our story, Batman is unaware that the sneaky Lois Lane saw him change from Superman to Bruce Wayne (subbing for the Man of Steel during a Super-absence).  This knowledge didn't inspire a lifetime of noble help and friendly subterfuge in Lois, as it did with Pete Ross.

No, this is Lois Lane we're talking about here.  This "knowledge" immediately starts Lois to scheming how to ensnare Bruce Wayne, to as to latch onto his (she thinks) Super alter ego!

So, as the first step of her plan, Lois shows up on the doorstep of stately Wayne Manor, and invites herself in ...

Note that when Lois sees the Batman costumes, she immediately suspects a Super impersonation, but imagines it as running the wrong way from how it really is.  She figures Bruce has the Bat-duds around so that he (Superman) can imitate Batman.

Meanwhile Wayne twists his ankle and starts sweating up a storm.  Are these signs of human frailty to Lois?  Nah, just tricks to make her THINK that Wayne isn't Superman.

 Boy, what a potential these people have for future open and honest relationships, huh?

More on Monday, Folks!

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