Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dumb Amazon Suggestions ( a Series)

I appreciate that Amazon's helpful promptings are intended to make them money by parsing your previous purchases and trying to tell you about other items "you might like."

But sometimes I think that their algorithms are out to lunch!

Here are a couple of silly examples.

The book mentioned as the basis for these recommendations is just another in the "Who-was-Jack-the-Ripper" library.  What the HECK does Jack the Ripper have to do with these cooking utensils? 

True, in 1888 a human kidney was sent to the Metro Police with a letter in which Jack claimed that he had nibbled on the other one.

True, there was a 1911 book, The Lodger, by Marie Belloc Lowndes, in which a meek couple rents their upstairs room to a guy that readers are led to believe was Saucy Jack.  And the brand name for these items is "Lodge."

But, still!?!  You tell me -- can you think of a reason for these suggestions?

More to come in this tale of consumer silliness!

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