Friday, February 10, 2012

Everybody Loves Bob, Especially Cleopatra!

Bob Hope and his genius dog-sidekick, Harvard Harvard III (the Third), have been taking increasingly HUGE jumps backwards in time in their quest for the elusize Golden Gazelle.

Since we've already seen the HOW ofr their arrival -- falling out of the sky -- we can now start this section of the tale in medias res -- Google that term -- with Cleopatra and Mark Anthony.  These two lovebirds (or felons if you wish) must escape from Roman general Octavius, if only they can find somebody stupid enough to act as a decoy and lure Octavius away...

BING!  You asked for a stupe?  Right on time!  With his little dog, too!

(Notice how subtly we get to see Marlon Brando's fizzog as Mark Anthony in the last panel.)

When a femme fatale starts wending her magical way around some dumb lummox's earlobes, I always wonder why the gal's guy (watching behind the curtains) doesn't figure out that he, the peeking partner, is just as 'whipped (pardon my French) as the poor schmuck she's kissing now.

On this last page, here's a great argument for having a dog.  He won't fall for feminine wiles of the two-legged kind.  Here Harvard is trying to keep "Mastah Hope" on track in asking about the Golden Gazelle, but Bob is off in Dreamland, imagining a Sphinx with his schnozz. 

Is there enough granite in Egypt for that?

Find out next Monday or Tuesday!

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