Friday, January 20, 2012

Filler Can Be Fun

Here are the two pages between parts one and two of Bob Hope's mag-length adventure.

Nowadays, the joke for "Homer" might be that the car wash guy charged $60 to DETAIL his Matchbox Car.

Also, consider this fact:  Silly Putty will take up comics in full color a let better if the comics are on a page, not on a computer monitor!

As far as Lucky Charms goes, I think it noteworthy to state that here, there are only FOUR shapes of marshmallow bits, and they are all in only ONE color each, with no swrils or striping going on.  In other words, these are Lucky Charms 1.0, before color augmentation and shape inflation.

Now that you think of it, doesn't this little guy seem awfully self-centered?  I mean, running around all day saying how lucky it would be to meet him.  Sounds a little needy to me!

Maybe he and these kids have an unwritten behavioral contract going on here -- a little sub-rosa tit-for-tat?  He's payng them off (in Lucky Charms) to validate his inflated notions of self-worth?  Break into groups and discuss.

See you Monday with the continuation of Bob Hope's "Comedy of Eras!"

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