Friday, April 15, 2011

The Trickster and More Twisted Fun

Man, how could it get any more fun than this?  Megan, the lawyer who discovered Barry's identity while falling for him, is being stalked by a wacko who decides that getting his own costume will make him irresistable.  And thus is born ... THE TRICKSTER!

Read the caption in the ad above.  Now, really -- How can you resist anything involving an EVIL SCHEME !?!?

Then we have some really, really, really superspeed running, ending up a decade in the future.  Where, after the Flash's disappearance, bad-guy Pike moved in and took over.  Talk about always winter and never Christmas!

Mext we have "Deadly Nightshade," where Central City's first vigilante has his identity stolen (twenty years ahead of you or me) and has to reclaim his name, with the Scarlet Speedster's help.

Plus, kudos to the headline department.  "Trias by Fury!" -- doesn't it just give you the chills?

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