Thursday, February 24, 2011

Space Girls Are Tricky

Now, along with Superman, we find out the mystery behind the lovely ladies of Florena -- who they are, and how they came to be!

We get a clearer look inside that lead-lined cavern and see a spaceship!  Also, Orella explains the "super" gals who had lured Superman here.  Plus, they just happen to have whipped up a Kryptonite force-shield to make him stay put!

As Orella says, Superman must best her in combat to escape; otherwise, he's goin' to the chapel, and ... you get the idea.

And now the origin story.  Orella and her crew hailed from the planet Matrion.  In a style similar to the legendary Amazons, they were an all-female society who bred by choosing mates from the men they'd defeated in battle.

As an aside, take a look at that top, page-wide panel!  Didn't our Curt (the artist) do a great job of visually explaining the caption?  On the right you've got a crashed space ship, then the defeated men -- some brave, some hanging their heads in shame -- then the women of Matrion.  Get a gander of the pair of warrior women giggling and pointing as they make their choices!

The reason Orella and the ladies of Florena are here on Earth? Well, they're the puny ones.  Some of the Matrionettes (is that the word?) grew weaker physically, but much smarter.  Since they couldn't cut the battle mustard, they were booted offplanet.

So here they are on Earth, trying to toughen up their stock.  By mating with Superman!

Why the heck is Superman protesting?  Why doesn't he just demand a "group marriage"?

Oh, I forgot.  This is a kid's comic. 

See you next time!

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