Wednesday, August 11, 2010

RorschWEEK Number 1


You thought this would be about Watchmen's Rorschach!

Actually, a recent thrift-store find was a book on how to show-and-grade the ten Rorschach cards.  It is probably a symptom of my own mental sicknesses that, while reading the book,  I needed the authors' help to find all the penises and female parts that some of those respondents gave.

To give a Rorschach test properly, you (the Mental Health Guru) also have to learn/memorize a lots of code initials so you can make rapid notes concerning your test subject.  You make notes about whether the person "sees" humans or animals, or various forces of nature; and whether the image is perceived as moving or not; and whether or not an inanimate object is "natural" or not; and lots of other stuff.

You know, when I briefly saw a child psychiatrist in my grade school years, I was probably given a Rorschach test.  Considering how deviant some of the "common" responses are -- according to the book -- I must have passed muster or just acted innocent --, because after a year or so I didn't have to see Dr Coutant (spelling?) any more.  Mostly I recall how fun it was to be allowed to play with the set of Lincoln Logs he had in his office.

Anyway, RorschWEEK entries will be about what the Rorschach blots look like to me.  I hope you agree, or at least consider my ideas a brief diversion.

What do YOU see?

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