Monday, August 09, 2010

A (exceedingly) Small History Lesson

Some of you, my friends, hang about because you know me. Some have droppeth as the manna rains from Heaven.

Anyway, a few of you guys might have some interest in STAR OKC, central Oklahma's SF/Fantasy Club (now defunct).

After my pal (and fellow STAR OKC survivor)Larry Nemecek (see his Blog Listing to the right) asked if there were any STAR OKC records online, I took the bit into my (figurative) teeth and figured I would just throw up a STAR OKC blog about it.

STAR OKC started in 1973 as part of the Star Trek Association for Revival movement. Some of you may recall a time when the ONLY STAR TREK was local syndicated reruns, ususally trimmed for time as desired by local stations.

So, the S.T.A.R. groups decided to change all that.

As far as actual influence, I figure maybe .005% is a generous estimate of our "push power". But we sure felt vindicated when the gears began grinding exceedingly slow towards a movie -- now, a series -- no, a movie.

Anyway, if you was to see a drip-by-drip posting of some Fandom Days Gone By in Oklahoma City, then check out the blog at

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