Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Me Tarzan, You Arbo Zil!


Well, those cave guys beat Superman up after stealing his costume. Now the big lug wearing the Kryptonian long johns has figured out there's a pocket in the cape!
Mr Ooga-Booga has given Clark Kent's clothes to his main squeeze. Clark Kent's glasses fall to the ground unnoticed, as a dust storm blows in.
While the primitives enter their rawhide huts, Superman gropes for the glasses, using them as barely effectual goggles against the dust. He finds a cave and arranges some rocks in an "S" shape and an arrow pointing inwards, and prepares to wait out the storm.
As is usual for this kind of thing, Superman reflects on his normal super-powers and contrasts them with his current predicament. Where before he smashed planets together to reignite a sun, now he's having a hard time striking a spark to start a fire.
And this is where we leave our hero, trying to get a fire started, driven away from the natives, alone in a cave on an alien planet, wearing a hand-me-down loincloth.
See you next time!

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