Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wuxtry! Wuxtry! Superman Snuffs Clark Kent!

OK -- to satisfy those amoral aliens' decree that he kill someone or they will destroy Earth, Superman has tried to kill himself with Kryptonite; his friends have tried to kill themselves for him; and now Superman's Clark Kent persona has been sacrificed, in front a a worldwide TV audience.
Will that satisfy the outworlders?
Evidently so, even though we also discover that they knew Superman was Kent all along.
The whole thing was a bet between Sorban and Rokk over a lucky Prothey Tail, whatever that is. The bet was whether or not they could force Superman to kill somebody, thus breaking the Superman Code. Yes, these evil psychos caused all this grief and emotional torture for Superman and company over for a wager over a good-luck charm!
Not only that, but Sorban, the winner, is victorious because he bet that Superman wouldn't commit murder.
Over such a silly, worthless thing, Superman's Clark Kent disguise is now history.
What next? Stay tuned ...

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