Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Superman, the Hypocritical Heel!

After sprinkling fairy dust -- oops, I mean cactus juice -- over Lana Lang and rescuing her from the fatal crystalline effects of Professor Potter's flawed suspended-animation device, Superman is running out of options, and time.
The Earth only has a few hours left before the mind powers of the evil aliens Sorban and Rokk crush it into cosmic dust.
The only way to stop that outcome, they've told Supes, is if he -- the defender of life on Earth -- if he kills somebody!
Well, he's tired of endangering the lives of his friends, and risking the lives of all Earth's people, by dithering around. There's one option left.
Thus it is that the world soon sees Clark Kent chained to a petal pole at Ground Zero of an A-Bomb test. Moreover, the automated cameras are wired for sound, and pick up Kent's howls that it was Superman who chained him there!
The last panel of this page from Superman 171 depicts an awed TV audience seeing Kent swallowed up in the explosion.
Now, you and I, dear reader, know that CK is really Superman. But what will the aliens do next? Has this ruse satisfied their dictate?
See you soon for the answer!

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