Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Mind-Blowing Threat!

(Those alien demons Rokk and Sorban have ordered Superman to kill somebody -- anybody -- on Earth.
Nertz to you, says Superman. You can't make me!
Oh, yeah? reply the cosmic bullies...)
They tell Superman to watch with his Super-vision, as they use a mental blitz to wipe out a couple of planets on demand, demonstrating the brain power of their ancient race.
OK, OK, the Man of Steel now believes them. What to do? He can't just kill somebody to please these fiends!
Wait a minute ... they didn't say WHO had to die. The noble hero will sacrifice HIMSELF. It's the only way out!
With this sad decision made, Superman writes farewell notes to his Planet pals, and heads to the newsroom to leave on their desks.
What's next in this page-by-page explication of Superman 171? Stay tuned and see!

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