Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kill Somebody? Why, Sure!

Those psychopathic aliens, Sorban and Rokk, have demanded that Superman kill somebody, or they will destroy all of Earth.

So, Superman reasons, his own death should satisfy these offworld creeps! After leaving farewell notes at the Daily Planet for his friends, he flies to a desert area where a huge cache of Green Kryptonite lies buried.

The noble Man of Steel burrows into the pile of deadly ore, taking comfort in the thought that at least he is saving all the inhabitants of his adopted world in this way.

But, wait! what's this! Superman's honorable solution to the aliens' dilemma is ruined. Not only can their mental powers destroy faraway worlds at a glance, they can also ... transmute Kryptonite! Superman can't even kill himself!

This is the last straw for Superman. These giggling, evil idiots have put him through the emotional wringer for long enough. Kill somebody?!?

Why not start with THEM!

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