Friday, September 18, 2009

A Brief Note

In celebration of Superman's 50th Biorthday in 1988, DC comics and the Smithsonian put together a traveling exhibit called "Superman: Many Lives, Many Worlds."
One of the stops was at the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, OK, where my dad was kind enough to help me travel. We saw all of the various artifacts to be viewd on the reverse (text) side of the poster, and many more!
The thing I remember most clearly for some reason was a huge transcription disc of a Superman radio program. This was a record (like an LP), but much bigger -- about 18 or more inches across! It was huge. It contained a complete radio show, so the recorded discs could be shipped to stations and played "live" at any time that fit the station's programming.

I'd have another instalment of Super Vacationto share with you tonight, but the abrupt departures of four fulltime employees over the last two weeks has made my free time shorter. Tough to be the boss, eh?
As Heckle and Jekyll used to say, though, "See you next week with a brand new show!"
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