Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yes, You Must Look at Old Photos

One of the many promos for STTMP was a mail-in premium for punch-out cardboard ships from the movie. On a 4-way armature styled to look like spacedock in texture, we have five ships. The Enterprise hangs from the center, and the other four ships are the Klingon Bird of Prey wasted at tne film's opening, the Vulcan shuttle Spock arrived in, an Enterprise shuttlecraft, and a Work Bee used in the Enterprise's refit.
The set is still hanging from the ceiling, but (like, me, alas!) a little saggier than when new.

In another photo I'm making a silly Vulcan salute while standing next to an STTMP poster and the Enterprise model from the movie.

In the last photo I'm in front of a nifty mylar sTTMP poster in the lovely costume created by She Who Is My Wife. PS Was I ever that young?

Next time, some Con photos of Trek people that I cornered.

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Frederick said...


I have that same Mylar Enterprise poster! It was one of the best put out at the time. And you look cool in that TMP photo, great uniform and makeup! Not at all embarrassingly nerdy like some I've seen, including mine... which will never see the world outside my photo shoebox.

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