Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Autographs, We Got Some

I figure I'm not doing too bad considering I don't go anywhere.

These are all instances where THEY came to ME.

I wonder if Mr Nimoy noticed the "Book Rack" stamp visible through the back of the front page of his I Am Not Spock. In other words, "No royalties, Mr Nimoy."

Or to my town, anyway.

This is the "collectable" printing of the STII Fotonovel.

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Frederick said...

Cool stuff! If I wished for anything else, it would be a little more background on how these came to you... some personal history on the various items you post, that surround the memory of when you acquired them. It makes seeing them more interesting!

I have some autographs too, mostly of the sondary cast, and I treasure them! Most came to me too, through proxy by others going to cons that I couldn't go to.

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