Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Silver Bridge, by Gray Barker

This book was originally published in 1970 by Barker's own Saucerian Press, and is here reissued by Metadisc books -- it looks like from the same plates, misspellings and all.

This is a fascinating mythic account of the Mothman furor of the late 1960s in the area around Mount pleasant, West Virginia.

It's not just "documentary style." No, Barker imputes an ultra-terrestrial impart to Indrid Cold and his fellow alternate-dimensional companions. He features a character, The Narrator, whom I suspect to be an aspect of Barker's own personality.

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"A keen observer of the human condition," as they say, Barker drily describes the educated and uneducated, the sophisticated and the less-than-adequate, as they are confronted with Twilight-Zone-type things: human shapes with wings that can pace a 85-mph car; little guys in black suits with droning voices and hypnotic eyes; a high-tech flying saucer that lands in the middle of the road on antique-airplane-looking rubber tires; and other such weird things.

It's a fascinating book, and more of a "meditation containing fact" than a strictly investigatory report. It's aeons more worth your time than the silly Mothman's Photographer II.

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