Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bootleg Toy Bonanza

For Valentine's Day, Joyce and I drove down to (what's left of) the Outlet Mall in Gainesville, TX. All the important (to us) stuff was still there: Burke's, 75% Off Books, the kitchenware store, a few clothing & shoe outlets, plus ... a toy liquidator store!

When I first saw this "MAVEL TEAM UP," my first thought was, "Superman and Spider-Man in the same package? Impossible." My second thought was, "They spelled MARVEL wrong." My third thought was, "BOOTLEG!"

Sure enough, here we have another lead-painted (*probably*) Bootleg Bonanza!

As you can see, they got the costumes about right, and these little guys are pretty well done. Superman, having the same cape as Batman (only red), has a scalloped edge to his cape instead of a straight-across edge, but that's about my only quibble.

Man, you have to admire the brazenness of this MAVEL TEAM UP.

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