Friday, December 28, 2007

I’d Buy a Cup Cake from This Man!

From The Flash 302, October 1981, comes this one-page ad for Hostess Cup Cakes.

You get a big delight in every bite!

You also get some fun Curt Swan art! I think that the Crime Director, in the last panel, looks like Kurtwood Smith, more recently known as the father in the 70s Show.

By the way, has anybody ever heard of this “villain,” the Crime Director?


Anonymous said...

I think his girl sidekick was "Double-D-Cup Cake"

Tamara said...

I've never heard of that villain. Loved those cupcake ads when I was a kid. I read them faithfully.

On another note...are you going to get the Curt Swan inspired Superman action figure that's due to e released soon?

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