Saturday, September 29, 2007

More news on "The Success Story"

Well, friends, Good ol' Robby Reed (see the permanant Dial B for Blog link on the right)heard from good ol' Mark Evanier, about our little "Bob Kane parallel," Eerie #13's "The Success Story."

Since the previous post won't "maximize" page one of the story, let's try again!

Robby informs us that "Success Story" WAS written about a specific comics "creator," bot NOT about Bob "Batman" Kane.
Here's what Robby told me:
Here's what Mark Evanier said:
"First of all, not that it matters a lot but I believe this story was reprinted in EERIE from CREEPY #1. Secondly and more important: It's not about Bob Kane. The story by Archie Goodwin and Al Williamson was inspired by a cartoonist named Don Sherwood who had hired them (separately) to ghost a newspaper strip called DAN FLAGG. At various times, other friends of theirs -- including Angelo Torres, George Evans, George Woodbridge, Al McWilliams and others -- had worked on the strip and it was a recurring joke (almost) for them to discover they were working "with" each other. Goodwin based his script on that situation. Williamson, however, did not draw Sherwood. Al made the lead character of Baldo Smudge (which was the pen name for a few earlier stories where Williamson collaborated with Torres) look like himself. The writer was based on Goodwin. The inker was based on Torres. I'm not sure about the penciller but I think I heard it was Al McWilliams. There were actually other strips where a similar trick was employed of hiring ghosts like that and there are a few parallels to the situation with Bob Kane. But that's not who Archie was writing about."
So that's where it stands, kiddos! The next time we chat, I'll be a year older! I leave it up to you to guess HOW MANY years that makes!

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