Sunday, September 23, 2007

Clark Kent's SSN

Here's a little bit o' Super-Trivia for you. The August 1966 issue of Action, #340, had several interesting features. There was Swanderful cover art, the cover story introducing The Parasite (with so-so Al Plastino art), a Supergirl story ("The Supergirl Identity Hunt!", a centerfold pin-up of Superman, signed "with Best Wishesfrom your Super-Pal -- Superman" -- and that wonderful thing that comic books USED to have,

the Letter Column.

This was where fans could write in with insightful, worrisome, dumb, or "trick" questions.

Well, in this issue the editors (probably good ol' E. Nelson Bridwell, originally from Oklahoma City) laid Clark Kent WIDE OPEN to identity theft by publishing his Social Security number! (see detail)

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