Monday, October 09, 2006

Super Cheese!

If you’re a reader of Dial B for Blog -- -- then you might remember Robby’s “Month of Superman,” wherein he showed off lots of different stuff. When he features “Super Cheese,” he was displaying something I had sent him.

Yes, Superman Imitation Pasteurized Cheese Spread really DID exist. It was produced by the Clearfield Cheese Co. of Curwensville, PA. Although you might not have heard of Clearfield Cheese Co., I guarantee you’re familiar with one of their inventions.

Clearfield Cheese Co. was the dairy that invented single-wrapped cheese slices!

Hey Kids! Here’s how to make your own Superman Cheese box! Copy the picture and paste it onto a legal-size page in the graphics program of your choice. Resize the image to 7 ½ by 13 ½ inches. Print it out, cut and tape it, and voila! Your own Superman Imitation Cheese Spread box!
(cheese sold separately)

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