Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Super Books !

The Gospel According to Superman is by John T Galloway and came out in 1973, published by A.J. Holman Company, a division of J.B. Lippincott. It covers the familiar equations of Jesus with Kal-El, with the plus of having lots of B & W reprint pages within its small covers.

In Search of a Superman is by Frank Allnutt, "author of the best seller, THE FORCE OF STAR WARS." I'm sure all of us are familiar with that one too. This one isn't even from a "label" of a major publisher, like the first book. This one is "An Omni Book," published by Omni Distributors. It came out in 1979, on the heels of Superman: The Movie.
Both of these books, like the similar 2006 The Gospel According the the World's Greatest Superhero by Stephen Skelton, enunciate (sometimes to tedious length) the intented, and more likely accidental, likenesses and differences between the two.
Readers of National Lampoon in the 1970s may remember the Neal Adams-illustrated Son-o'-God comics that sometimes appeared there.
Of course, similarities are there in nearly every hero tale, since it seems that people have always looked for a hero to rescue them from the trials of this Earth.
I hope you find Him.

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