Saturday, October 21, 2006

Back in the Day

Yes, before instant publishing and home computers, before cable TV and video recording, there was a world where you had to actually be home to watch a TV show when it aired.
On the plus side, back then there were also about 8 minutes more TV show and 8 minutes less commercials/station IDs.
And if a TV show became popular, based either on ratings or on fan mail, then a little cottage industry might spring up, put together by a star's studio, agent, or even fan club. These folks would handle mailing out autographed photos, etc.
And if a show became REALLY popular, there might be some money to be made by selling film off the editing-room floor, or extra uniform patches, or ... well, look at the pix.
This Lincoln Enterprises catalog came along after STAR TREK's cancelation. Inside all scripts are offered, up to the end, for $5.50 each. Anyway, have a look at another piece of fandom from the past.
Notice how the text is mimeographed typwriterese? And how the art was just scotch-taped on? This is how it was done in the age when men were men, and women were babes.
You also might notice that the "logo" on the front page (center panel of first image) was actually scissored out from the STAR TREK letterhead and taped onto the catalog page. You can see the original color letterhead below.
Back when sci-fi was a dirty word and STAR TREK had about the status of the Followers of the Sun in "Bread and Circuses," this is how the word got around.

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