Monday, August 09, 2021

Merch Trek, Part 1

Yup, crass commercialism reaches into Trekkies' pockets!
Didn't you buy a lot of bubble-gum packs?  I sure did!
Although I had a lot of the small figures, I never got the JC Penney bridge set.
Did you play this game?  We didn't have Vectrex, or any other game systems.
I must confess that when STII came out on video, I borrowed money from my boss to buy it, paying it back in bits, because Joyce would have gotten mad at me for blowing FORTY BUCKS on a video.

  • Topps Bubble Gum cards wrapper -- from 1979
  • JC Penney Christmas catalog -- December 1980
  • STTMP videogame review comes the September 1982 Video Review
  • The ST II video ad ran in The Dallas Morning News of November 12, 1982
See you Thursday!

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