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             Here are some aspects about the 2009 Watchmen movie that intrigued my fancy.  I hope they bemuse you too.  The timings refer to “The Ultimate Cut” of the film – that’s the source of the frame-grabs, too.

            At 18:07, we’re in Hollis Mason’s apartment catching some TV news.  But what caught my eye was the row of books to the left of the TV.

            The silver lettering on the book in the middle of the stack caught my eye.  Here it is, rotated so you can read it:

            Now you can tell that this book is Equation for Evil by Philip Caputo.  What’s interesting is that Watchmen takes place in 1986, but this book was not published until 1996.

            The producers used the actual our-Earth book, as you can tell from this eBay listing.

           At 29:48, Rorschach is sneaking into Rockefeller Military Research Center to tell Doc Manhattan and Sally about Blake’s murder.  Just as in the Watchmen comic, the logo looks like the earliest versions of Superman’s “S” shield.

            Here’s the world’s first look at Superman’s chest emblem, from 1938’s Action Comics #1 (as if you didn’t know).


            The sign reads “Special Atomic Research.”

           I wonder why, at 59:50, the lock on the cemetery gate is shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head?

            At 2:41:34, Nite Owl glances across the books on Veidt’s desk.  In the middle is The Great Pharaohs: Rameses II, by Dr Hans Dayal.

            Unlike the actual book seen in Hollis Mason’s home, this is a gag book.  For, in actuality, Hans Dayal was an assistant location manager for the movie!


Well, that’s all the observations for now!


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