Monday, March 22, 2021

More Screengrabs from THE LOST TAPES OF MAZEPPA -- Volume 1

All of these images are from the opening credits of The Lost Tapes of Mazeppa, Volume 1available here.
Above is Hoss Chopright.
Benny the Crusher dares you to knock the tattoo off his shoulder.
Teddy Jack Eddy prepares to hit you so hard your driver's license will have a black eye.
Sherman Oaks, Gary Busey, and Little Darlin' (Janie Jackson) on the diner set.
This is before the motorcycle accident.
Johnny Donut is ready to begin Dialing for Dullards!
I can't dance, so don't make me!
Swayve and de-BONER.
Members of the crew of "Mazeppa Show 73."

See you on Thursday with an authentic, unreleased, previously unknown bit of Mazeppa memory!

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