Monday, March 29, 2021

Crazy Ol' Ed Greer? I Never Met the Man

But I did collect his coupon, because Mazeppa told me so!

This would have been a great deal, but I never made it to any Greer Stereo Tape Centers.  What did I miss?  

Of course, if I'd've taken advantage of this wonderful offer, I wouldn't have this treat to share with YOU 50 years later!  You can tell, of course, that the coupon is made to fit as a vertical insert into a carboard six-pack carrier for glass bottles?
Like this one.  Well, this is the last post in this year's MARCH MAZEPPA MADNESS.  Tune back in on Thursday for the commencement of 2021's APRIL FOOLISHNESS!  Until then, a final LAWZEE! to all fellow Mazeppites!

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