Monday, October 26, 2020

Scary Books, Kiddies! Dracula: Asylum

Scary Books, Kiddies!

Dracula: Asylum. By Paul Witcover. DH Press, 2006. Cover painting by Stephen Youll.

Well, the 2001 Dracula reboot by Christopher Schildt must not have sold, because five years later we’ve got another licensed paperback, re-re-reintroducing the Universal baddie to another flash-fired (or flash-fried?) generation.

This Dracula is an intentional lord of evil, brought back to life from the ruins of Carfax Abbey, ignoring the occurrences depicted in the film Dracula’s Daughter (and all the rest!). It’s set around WWI.

And we have characters named Renfield (nicknamed “Renny”) and Mina, too! Maybe you can figure it out, it’s beyond me.

Hand me that stake, Watson!

See you on Wednesday for more Halloween havoc!

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