Monday, July 06, 2020

I Set Up George Takei's Autograph Table!

 Yes, when I saw the above article in the August 25, 1978 Oklahoman, I got the high sign from the beautiful wife to attend.

 Being a punctual type, I got there early.  Early enough, in fact, to interact with George and to pitch in when he was not being taken care of by the so-called event organizers.  George was there with people gathering and nothing set up.  I asked him where he wanted to set up and dragged a table over to his designated area.

As you can see, in the era before PCs and desktop publishing, a hand-drawn sign informed fans that George Takei was here and he was signing autographs.  I got an autograph too.

See you Wednesday for the next stage in TREKKING WITH CLIPPINGS!

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